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    Rules of the SPL rating system

    Corporal - Grade 1
    Corporal - Grade 1

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    Rules of the SPL rating system Empty Rules of the SPL rating system

    Post by Astonish 21/02/12, 03:22 pm

    For the brave soldiers, we now have the SPL rating system!
    Fight for your rank! Challenge everyone to reach the top!

    * Useful links:
    Official Members Table
    Updated list with games scored!
    Be a SPL member!

    * Explanation:
    This system is based on scores and recorded games. To rank up you will need some points!
    There are 42 badges that corresponds to a respective rank.
    The scores are described below in some rules that you need to have in mind:

    * Rules:
    1. Every SPL member begins his military career as corporal.
    2. For every victory posted in the right section in this forum, you can get more points to rank up, as shows the table below:

    1x1 = 12 points;
    2x2 = 6 points;
    3x3 = 4 points;

    3. You have to reach a certain score to rank up, as showed below:

    Corporal (grade 2): 250
    Seargent (grade 1): 400
    Seargent (grade 2): 550
    Seargent (grade 3): 700
    Gunnery Seargent (grade 1): 900
    Gunnery Seargent (grade 2): 1050
    Gunnery Seargent (grade 3): 1200
    Gunnery Seargent (grade 4): 1350
    Lieutnant (grade 1): 1550
    Lieutnant (grade 2): 1700
    Lieutnant (grade 3): 1850
    Lieutnant (grade 4): 2000
    Captain (grade 1): 2200
    Captain (grade 2): 2350
    Captain (grade 3): 2500
    Captain (grade 4): 2650

    4. A victory vs a lieutnant or higher in ESO you can add +1 point to your score.

    5. A higher ranked soldier has to help and make some comments about the game posted of a lower ranked one to improve his skills!

    6. Championships are going to happen between SPL players with a diffrent system of points. For further information, wait for the news! =)

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